Java Noodles, a tradition and icon of Javanese Culinary

Java Island is known as one of the most crowded and hectic Island in Indonesia. There are many people lives in this historical Island. The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is also part of Java Island and Java has many traditions, from the people’s behavior until the culinary. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Java Island is DIY, or also known as Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta/Special Province of Yogyakarta. This beautiful city has many stories to tell. If we talk about Yogyakarta, we can tell about their hospitality, their humble people, the charismatic Sultan, and surely the Javanese culinary. Yogyakarta has many traditional culinary that is very popular among the locals and the foreigners.

Visitors at Java Noodle Village stall

Many people also known that Yogyakarta is called Gudeg city. Gudeg is a kind of traditional culinary that represents Yogyakarta city since long time ago. Besides the famous local dish Gudeg, Yogyakarta also has a good and very tasty food, it is called the Java Noodles. The Java Noodles are very popular in Yogyakarta and Central Java since this Javanese dish has very unique flavor. Usually we can find the Java Noodles traditional stall on the local main streets. If we want to have a warm and calm atmosphere while enjoying the dish, we can chose to buy it at the village stall out of the city. The difference between Java Noodle and the other Noodle is how the chef creates it. The Chef in Java Noodle is still using charcoal as the fuel, not gas or blue gas. This is one of their secrets why the Java Noodles has its own unique flavor compared to other Noodles. The smokes that came out from the fireplace give a distinctive aroma to the Noodle. There are many kinds of Java Noodles that sold in the Yogyakarta but basically the main menus which offered to the guests are Bakmi Godhog (the boiled noodles) and also Bakmi Goreng (the fried noodles). The stall often puts some additional menu such as Magelangan (the fried rice which mixed with noodles) so we can have various option to enjoy the dish.

Complete dishes of Java Noodle

The Java Noodles also using duck egg and shredded chicken, some of them also using shrimps to make the flavors of the dish became more special. This culinary is more delicious if we eat the noodles while it still warm. The souse is very tempting (even for people who never knew it before). Most of Java noodle chef has passed down their unique recipe to their descendant until these days.

A Chef preparing Java Noodle at Traditional stall

They are hoping that the unique taste of Java Noodles will be long lasting forever, no matter what will be happened in the future days. Because they think that the original taste of Java Noodles is more than just a tradition, it is one of icons from Javanese culinary.

By Amar Pujo Wicaksono

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