Tuk Bimalukar, the Fountain of Youth in Dieng Plateau

As one of famous tourist destination in Central Java, Indonesia, Dieng Plateau has its own unique and beautiful scenery. Located on the North of Yogyakarta Province, Dieng Plateau can be reached by car or bus from cities around it. Dieng is very famous City on Central Java because of its culture and the people’s hospitality. Many festivals are held in Dieng during summer session, so not surprisingly if many tourist who had visited Dieng Plateau, will always remind their journey and they always want to visit Dieng in the next session.

Tuk Bimalukar, The fountain of youth

One of the main interesting places in Dieng Plateau is called Tuk Bimalukar. Local people in Dieng have a legendary secret about this wonderful place. Tuk Bimalukar is a Goddess Fountain which is believed can give people in Dieng youthful appearance for the people who consumed water from it. This Legendary story has passed down many decades from the chief of local villagers in Dieng to their descendants until these days. Tuk Bimalukar was created from the teardrops of Bima Shena, a famous character from Pandawa Family Clan. The ancestor of Javanese believes that Bima Shena was on a race against The Kurawa Family Clan, and at that moment he saw a very beautiful lady who walked upon him. Because of her nature beauty, Bima Shena gets shocked and stops running. Then he cried and praise to the Goddess for this beautiful moment. His tears are felt down to the earth and he said “Sira Ayu” (Sira Ayu in Javanese means beautiful face) to the beautiful lady for several times. After that moment, suddenly Bima Shena tears formed into beautiful Serayu River that lies across Dieng Plateau.

Serayu River at Central Java, Indonesia

These days, the Serayu River often picked as a recreation place and we can simply find water-sport activities during summer or holiday session. The Fountain of Youth, Tuk Bimalukar is located at the upstream of  Serayu River. Most tourists take the water from Tuk Bimalukar as a present to their beloved family, and hoped that the water can give them younger appearance like the legendary beautiful lady in Bima Shena story.

By Amar Pujo Wicaksono

(Contributor at visitingjava.com)



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