Sundak, the Beach of Dog and Hedgehog

Indonesia as an archipelago country is very famous for its beautiful beaches such as Kuta Beach and Sanur Beach in Bali. Local and Foreign tourists always came to those beaches at every holiday season. Actually, beaches across Java Island are also interesting to be explored and one of the beaches in Java which is simply stunning known as Sundak Beach.

Soft and clean sand at Sundak Beach

This beach is located in Gunung Kidul Regency (one of the administrative areas of Special Province of Yogyakarta) and to reach the beach it will take about 2-3 hours from the downtown of Yogyakarta. Local bus in Yogyakarta is always ready to serve either local or foreign tourists to visit Sundak beach. Mini bus or large bus will take us to reach Wonosari city and from this point we can continue the trip with mini bus to the beach.

Local people said that the name of the beach “Sundak” came from a very special event. “Sundak” is an abbreviation of Asu (Dog in Javanese language) and Landak (Hedgehog in Bahasa) when the two phrases combined, there is a new phrase Su-Ndak/Sundak. The name is given to the beach as there was an event which involves Dog and Hedgehog. They are brawling at the beach to survive and since that time, the beach is known as Sundak. This beach features friendly local people, soft and clean sand, beautiful coral reef, shade trees and a cave. Under the shade trees we can enjoy a beautiful sunset and within the cave there is pure water spring which managed as the main water fountain for local people.

Sundak Beach from distance view

Since Sundak beach is relatively new for tourist destination, there is no accommodation place can be found around the beach but don’t be worried the accommodation places such as Homestay and local hostel at very lucrative rate per night (around 20,000 IDR – 50,000 IDR/night) can be found about 1 – 2 kilometers from the beach. Feel hungry? Just visit various food stalls that can be found easily at the beach area and they will serve you very well. Last but not least, don’t forget to take pictures of your adventure at Sundak Beach and share the photos to your families.

By Amar Pujo Wicaksono

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