Raja Ampat, The Legend of Four Kings

The engine roar slowly stopped and the boat is docking, there is no other sound that we can hear except the harmony of the ripple on the side of the boat. The birds flying from small trees and they are dancing on the sky. What a wonderful sensation for anyone who came to this small and unoccupied island.

Dock at Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat or “Four Kings” (Raja = King, Ampat = Four) is a name which given to these amazing islands and the name itself came from local myth. The four main islands which mentioned as Four Kings are Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta and Misool the place of ancient rock painting.

Raja Ampat Islands

The underwater adventurer from all over the world came to this place to enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery which is known as the best underwater site in the world. Two days before, when you stayed at Bali the place where you can find sacred ceremonies, culture and arts then take an airplane which heading to Papua Island (Located in the far east of Indonesian Archipelago). Next, be prepared for the remarkable and unforgettable adventure in the land of Asmat tribe. Start your journey here with snorkeling and explore the beautiful underwater vertical coral reef. Feel your adrenaline rushed out while diving and tossed out by the underwater stream. It will be your memorable experience in a whole life.

Island areas of Raja Ampat is very massive, more than 4,6 million hectare of land and sea and here is the natural habitat of more than 540 coral reefs, 1.511 fish species and 700 types of mollusk. This amazing biota has made Raja Ampat as a living library of coral reef collection and most complete underwater biota ever found in this world. According to the The Nature Conservancy dan Conservation International, there are 75% of sea species lives in these amazing islands.

The Amazing Underwater Scenery

When you arrived at Raja Ampat, you can feel the joyful atmosphere and suddenly you can hear many people praise to god that they are very thankful for the amazing place in front of them. Otherwise some people choose to remain silence since they are very amazed that they arrived at hidden paradise which given by god to this world. Clear water, white sand and gentle ocean wave will always says hello to everyone that came to Raja Ampat.

“ Here is good! “ said local guide from the travel agency in Raja Ampat and that magic word gives you sign that you are arrived at the best diving spot in the world. There is unique fact of this local guide, they have a profession as fisherman but if there are visitors/tourists they will help the tourists and act as local guide. This local guide is very gentle especially if you can give them areca nut or candy (you should try this one). This effort is very well known in Raja Ampat as a symbol of friendship between the local people and the visitors/tourists.

Areca Nut

Fisherman at Raja Ampat usually takes some snacks while having conversation with the visitors/tourists. They will share para-para pinang (areca nut) and tell funny stories. In many things (nature, culture and history), fisherman at Raja Ampat has similar stories with people of Maluku.

Raja Ampat scenery is just like in dreams but it is not an illusion and when you dive under the ocean then you can see the details of various species to ensure you are not dreaming. Seahorses dancing around your finger as if they want to shake your hands, Manta ray and Wobbegong (a.k.a. carpet shark) will swim with you. Tuna fishes, giant trevallies, snapper and even barracuda will accompany your underwater adventure. If those sensations are not enough, you can search for dugong fish and you can enjoy how busy the little fishes are to secure their crib. The most excited underwater experience is, you can swim with sea turtle on certain season.

Traditional Cottage at Raja Ampat Islands

The natural beauty which not contaminated is the main attraction in here. It doesn’t need to compare the blue skies or comment about the green land because what you can see on the ground and under the sea will absolutely says “ Welcome to Raja Ampat “ this is the heaven of the richest tropical biologic in the world today.

By Hara C.

(Copywriter at Visitingjava.com)


2 thoughts on “Raja Ampat, The Legend of Four Kings

    • Yes, it is truly a dream for most tourist, adventurer and traveler (even for Indonesian people) but for chasing a dream, i’m sure that the money you’ll spend is nothing if compared to your lifetime experience at Raja Ampat 🙂

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