Tape Bakar Bondowoso, Try it one and you will ask for one more

What is Tape Bakar Bondowoso

This snack (Tape Bakar Bondowoso) is one of many unique snacks from Indonesia that can be found while you are exploring East Java, especially Bondowoso. It is made from either cassava or sticky rice fermentation. From the fermentation process the cake will be a little bit sticky, soft but it has sweet taste and sour which simply turns the cake into a new form and most of Indonesian called it as “Tapai or Tape”.

Bondowoso city gate

Some people don’t like the taste of Sweet Cake (Tapai) because the sour taste which is very dominant but Tape Bakar Bondowoso (Toasted Sweet Cake Bondowoso) is different from the ordinary Tapai. Most people who have tried this snack is surprised since there is no sour taste and only the sweet “honey” taste that you will find when you take the first bite on the Tape Bakar Bondowoso.

The original Tape Bakar Bondowoso

Tape Bakar Bondowoso, traditional snack for everyone

There are some people arguing about the “honey” taste of Tape Bakar Bondowoso which is different from ordinary sweet cake (Tapai). They tried to find out what is the special ingredient that can give special taste on the sweet cake and finally they found the secret.

Common Tape dish with Cheese and Chocolate as topping

The unique taste of Tape Bakar Bondowoso born from the early phase of the production and most of baker will add Javanese Sugar to create unique sweet sensation. This is the secret of the “honey” taste of Tape Bakar Bondowoso. After the dough is ready then it will be wrapped with green banana leaf and toasted until the dough is melted.  The original baker will use only high quality charcoal which made from Coconut shell to heat up the Sweet Cake toaster.  Usually the process will take about 15 minutes and the Tape Bakar Bondowoso is ready to be served for everyone.

Where to find Tape Bakar Bondowoso

Well, the original Tape Bakar Bondowoso only can be found in Bondowoso, East Java. It is recommended for anyone who came to Indonesia and visit tourist destination across East Java to try this snack. If you find this snack outside the area of Bondowoso, I can guarantee it is not the original one since the original recipe is only passed down among certain people in Bondowoso.

Tape Bakar Bondowoso Street Stall

How, about the price? No problem, you can buy a lot of Tape Bakar Bondowoso (in a box) as a gift for your family if you like to and see you soon in Bondowoso.

By Bachtiar CN

(Contributor at Visitingjava.com)


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