Taman Sari, The Beautiful Water Castle of Yogyakarta (PART 2)

The Gates of Taman Sari

There are some main gates that lead to the bathing complex, the western one called Gedhong Gapura Hageng and the eastern one called Gedhong Gapura Panggung. Both gates are decorated with ornaments of stylized birds and flowering foliages.

Gedhong Ghapura Hageng

“Gedhong Gaphura Hageng” is the park’s main gate of the kings of his time. At that Taman Sari faced west and extends eastwards. The gate is located in the western part of the site remaining water palace. The east side of the main door still can be seen while the western side is covered by dense settlement. Gates that have some space and two levels is decorated with reliefs of birds and flowers that shows years of completion of the Taman Sari in 1691 Java (circa 1765 AD).

Ghedong Ghapura Panggung

In the east there is the octagonal courtyard building called the “Gedhong Gaphura Panggung”. The building has four levels, two on the west side and two on the east side. Once in the building, there are four dragon statues, but now only two pieces. Gedhong Gaphura Panggung is symbolizes the Taman Sari, built in the year 1684 Java (circa 1758 AD). There is also a decorative relief of Gedhong Gaphura Hageng in this building. Today, the east side of this building used as the Taman Sari site entrance.

To the east of the main gate of the ancient Taman Sari is the octagonal courtyard. Formerly in the central courtyard stands a two-story tower named “Gedhong Lopak-lopak”, another version called “gopok-gopok”. Since 2008 the building was no longer there. On this page only remaining rows of giant flower pots and doors that connect this place with other places. The door on the east side of the octagonal courtyard is one gateway to Bannerman Binangun.

In the southeast and northeast gates Gapuro Panggung building are called “Gedhong Temanten”. The building was once used as a security guard on duty and rest. According to a reconstruction of the Taman Sari in the south of the building there is a building which is now no longer a trace while on the northern side there is a garden which has also been turned into residential areas.

In the east there is a pennant pasiraman octagonal courtyard. In the courtyard is decorated with rows of giant flower pot stands 4 pieces of similar houses. The building is named “Gedhong Sekawan”. This place used to break the Sultan and his family. On each side of the page there is a door connecting it to another yard.

Umbul Pasiraman

Umbul Pasiraman, also known as Umbul Binangun or Umbul Winangun, is a bathing complex for the royal family. The bathing complex is an enclosed space surrounded by tall structures. It consists of three pools decorated with mushroom-shaped springs and large flower pots

Umbul Pasiraman Bathing

There are two buildings in the bathing complex. The northernmost building was used as the resting place and changing room for the daughters and concubines of the sultan. On the south side of this building is a pool known as Umbul Muncar. The pool is divided into two by a central pathway (known as Blumbang Kuras) that runs east-west. The next building on the south area of Taman Sari is a building with a tower in its center. The right wing of the building was used as the sultan’s changing room, the east wing was used as his resting place. The central tower was used by the sultan to observe his daughters and concubines bathing in the pool

On the south of this building is the third pool that was used only by the sultan and his concubines. During its era, only females and the sultan were allowed to enter this bathing complex. TO BE CONTINUE…

By Rara Aywara

(Copywriter at visitingjava.com)


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