Taman Sari, The Beautiful Water Castle of Yogyakarta (PART 3)

Taman Sari and the mystery of Ledok Sari

This section of Taman Sari is not a lot of scars that can be seen. Therefore the description is largely derived from existing reconstruction. Previously,this section covers Complex Dalem Pasarean Ledok Sari”and a Complex poolGarjitawatias well as several other buildings and parks/gardens.Pasarean Dalem Ledok Sari is the remainder of this section which is well maintained. Pasarean Dalem Ledok Sari was the place where the Sultan clash with Pemaisurinya (Queen). Another version says this is as a place of meditation.

Dalem Pasarean Ledok, an ancient ruin in Taman Sari complex

Dalem Pasarean Ledok, an ancient ruin that sealed with mystery until today

The building is shaped like U letter. In the hands of the building contained bed Sultan‘s underneath flowing stream of water. A kitchen, sewing room, storage of goods, and two swimming to the waiter as well as garden herbs, fruits,and vegetables are thought to be part of this. On the western side there is a pool complex Garjitawati first. If that is true then this is the remainder of the guest house complex Garjitawati and most likely also Bannerman Pacethokan ever used by Panembahan Senopati.

Gedhong Gading, the icon of Taman Sari

The last part of Taman Sari is practically nothing left anymore except former suspension bridge and the rest ofthe pier. The description in this sectionis almost entirely are construction of the sketch attack British troops to theSultan Palacein 1812. This section consists of an artificial lake in the middle of its buildings, the park around an artificial lake, a large canal which connects it with the artificial lake in the first,and a garden. Artificial lake located in the southeast of the complex Magangan to Siti Hinggil northeastern side. In the center there is a man-made island that supposedly called “Pulo Kinupeng“. On top of the island stands a building that is supposedly called “Gedhong Gading“. Building high-rise tower called the city (Citadel Tower).

Gedhong Gadhing, one of main buildings in Taman Sari complex

Gedhong Gadhing, one of main buildings which became an icon of Taman Sari

Large canal located on the northwest side of the artificial lake and extends to the west and ends at the southeast side of the artificial lake in the first part. In this channel there are two alleged narrowing the location of the suspension bridges. One bridge is located on the road connecting the complex with Kamandhungan Magangan South.Traces of this bridge can still be seen, although the bridge itself has disappeared. In the west there is a suspension bridge pier. It is said that Sultan use the dock as a starting point into the journey of Taman Sari since sultan entered into Taman Sari with boating. In the garden there is a canal south. The garden is located in the west of the complex Kamandhungan the South and the South Siti Hinggil. Now all the places has been turned into settlements. The garden has turned into a village Ngadisuryan while the artificial lake turned into a village Segaran.

Taman Sari and Ngasem Bird Market

In the north area of the Castle lies the Ngasem market complex (often called bird market) the place where buyers and sellers of animals avian(bird, beautiful song birds, pigeons, ranged, etc.) makes a deal. The complex is also a residential for Taman Sari young artists, especially artists that engaged in batik painting. The artworks quite good in quality and it is affordable for most pockets of tourists.

The famous "old school" Ngasem Bird Market in Taman Sari complex

The famous “old school” Ngasem Bird Market in Taman Sari complex

Today, we can find Ngasem market fully restored and the bird market was relocated to the new area at the south area of Yogyakarta City but the chemistry of the “old school” bird market still can be seen if we came to the original area in Taman Sari complex. (END)

By Rara Aywara

(Copywriter at visitingjava.com)


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