(#DAY-1) Java Overland Tour Begins

Java Overland Tour is the name of Visiting Java’s Tour for exploring along the island of Java and for a few times Java Overland Tour trusted by customer, with the first formation team of Visiting Java is my self, Rara as tour journalist, Ario as tour leader and co-driver, and Bayu as driver with the destination Jakarta- Bogor- Bandung- Jogja- Bromo- Surabaya. But on the H-day Ario must be replaced by Donny. We started our Java Overland Tour at 10pm from Jogjakarta forward to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta to pick up our guests from Russia.They will fill the Java Overland days with us.

We have a long way from Jogja-Jakarta for about moreless 9 hour. We passed south route first and then the north route. The road surface on the northern route is much damage, I woke up because I was jumped from the seat and hit the ceiling of the car. Since that time I did not want to sleep anymore.

At 7 am we arrived at TOLL Cikampek and we decided to have some rest (take a bath and breakfast) at the Rest Area of TOLL Cikampek Km.67. Apparently almost all the restaurant in that place opened when we was arrived there. Around 9.30am we decided to eat at Solaria and it was perfect, the food was awesome. Schedule arrival of our guests were from Russia arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport at around 3 pm. We pull from the Rest Area Toll Cikampek Km.67 at 12pm and straight forward to the Soekarno Hatta International Airport.

When we had arrived at Soekarno Hatta International Airport around 2pm and we decided straight to the overseas arrivals. We carry the sign “YAKUTIYA” which is the name of one of the districts in their country. It’s half an hour we waited for them but we haven’t seen their figure. We had time to panic, and then we saw the schedule arrival of the airplane in which they were. In the schedule was informed that the plane had arrived since at 2.20pm and it was almost an hour. Finally, we share the task of finding certainty. Bayu waiting at Gate 1 arrival abroad, Donny waiting at gate 2 arrival overseas, and I went to the information officer to find info about the plane which has landed an hour ago. From the information that I gotm it takes about 2 hours to pass the immigration proces. If more than the maximum time limit that I would go back to the information again.

Just after I turned from the information I’ve seen Donny and Bayu with some foreign tourists who turns out it was the guests we’ve been waiting for since some time ago. There are 4 people I saw with Donny, there should be 7 people. No strings attached I was immediately welcomed them and we introduced ourselves. They are Tomma, Vierra, Anna, and Vit. Apparently there is a little problem with one of their friends, the lost baggage. We were waiting for 3 others. And Donny followed three other tourists and help take care of the missing baggage.

Donny with Tomma, Vierra, Anna, and Vit.

Donny with Tomma, Vierra, Anna, and Vit.

After half an hour finally he returned to where we were gathered together three foreign tourists. They are Misha; Ksyusha, Misha’s wife, and Alex head of their tour group. Needless to say we were soon left the Soekarno Hatta International Airport directly forward to Bogor

Donny, Bayu with Misha; Ksyusha and Alex

Donny, Bayu with Misha, Ksyusha and Alex

The trip to Bogor is very bad traffic especially that day was weekend. Not surprisingly, we must be willing to spend a lot of time on the road. I occasionally see them enjoying the tight streets of the capital and it’s their first time to Indonesia.

Road trip to bogor

Road trip to bogor via Jakarta City TOLL road

With the reflection of light of dusk they seem often see the view through the glass Jakarta. After about 2 hours we arrived at Amaris Hotel Bogor where they stay. At the Hotel Amaris, we parted ways with the tourists from Russia, and then we agreed to meet again the next day at 9am. (TO BE CONTINUE)

By Rara Aywara

(Copywriter at visitingjava.com)


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