(#DAY-2) Being Friendly with the Rain City

On 9 AM we met with our friends at Amaris Hotel just like the agreement on the day before. As we arrived there, our friends were not in their room and we met with them around 10 AM. When I asked Alex where were they from, He said that they just had a little adventure at Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Garden). It was very easy to reach Bogor Botanical Garden from Amaris Hotel since the entrance is located across the Hotel parking area. They told me about their morning adventure at Bogor Botanical Garden and then they were back to their room to prepare for hotel check-out.

On 12.30 AM we were check-out from the hotel and continue our tour to our next destination, Taman Safari (The Safari Park) which located in Cisarua, Bogor – West Java. During our trip to The Safari Park we were accompanied with heavy rain in the rain city and that’s why this city is very popular with the nickname “Rain City”. The trip to The Safari Park took about 1,5 hours and we can saw very beautiful scenery plus feel the fresh air although we were inside the shuttle car.

One of the gates within The Safari Park area

One of the gates within The Safari Park area

The Safari Park is a very famous franchise in Indonesia and as for information, there are 3 location of The Safari Park, first one is located within The Area of Mount Gede Pangrango National Park, Cisarua, Bogor, West Java. Second one is located in the valley of Mount Arjuna, Prigen, Mojokerto, East Java. The third one is located in Gianyar, Bali and the Safari Park which located in Cisarua is the most complete park if compared to the other two. We can see almost all animals from around the world and surely the local animal across Indonesia archipelago.

a group of bulls at The Safari Park

Some of bulls at The Safari Park

Around 1 PM we were arrived at The Safari Park, Bogor and the rain which accompanied us since we were at the hotel was a perfect ambience for this trip. The entrance gate of the Safari Park took us as if we were in the middle of rainforest with big trees. Calm atmosphere within the area of The Safari Park with high humidity and medium temperature around 16-24 has made this place as main tourist destination (either for domestic or foreign tourists) to know more about nature and animals.

Within the area of The Safari Park there is animal classification which marked with specific gate. We will encounter with various types of animal such as African Animal, Wild Animal and there are many more. In the area of Wild animal it is not recommended to open the car window since there are many wild animals (such as tiger and lion) wandering around the car.

Medium rain at the Safari Park Area is not a barrier for Alex and his friends to play with the gentle animal (such as lama) that attracted to our shuttle car. This moment was perfectly captured by Alex, Vit, Tomma and Misha with their digital camera.

A Lama encounter our shuttle car

A Lama trying to encounter our car and it was alex’s digital camera that looked “very attractive” for the Lama

After we finished the exploration around the animals area we decided to park the shuttle car and enjoy other facilities which provided by the management of The Safari Park. Actually Anna and Alex wanted to see the animal show but is it located far enough from the parking area. Since it was late noon then we decided to try the sky-lift train which located near to the parking area. We were separated into two groups since each sky-lift train only limited for 4 persons. First group it was Alex, Anna, Vierra and Tomma while I am joined the second group with Vit, Misha and Ksyusha. For the first time Misha and Ksyusha were worried about the safety of the sky-lift but after few minutes they were calmed down and enjoyed the amazing scenery of The Safari Park from the above.

Rara with Misha and Ksyusha in sky-lift

Rara with Misha and Ksyusha in sky-lift

We took many photos from the above (sky-lift) and some of the photos can be enjoyed in this blog. That was an awesome adventure for us and then we decided to continue the tour to the next city, Bandung in West Java. In the middle of our trip we drop by in local food stall to have dinner. Alex and his friends were curious about the menu “sate ayam” and “sate kambing” (chicken satay and goat satay).

Dinner at local food stall

Dinner at local food stall in Cisarua, Bogor

Those menus are created by the Indonesian and became popular choice for travelers. Well, (for me) the most fun attraction in this local food stall is Alex and his friends agreed for a challenge and the challenge was “satay eating contest”. A person who can eat most of satay is the winner of this contest. It was a tough challenge and the winner was Alex with more than 30 sticks of satay. Around 7 PM we paid for the dinner and continued our tour to Bandung.

By Rara Aywara

(Copywriter at visitingjava.com)


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