About Us

Visitingjava is an Indonesian travel agency with 10 years experienced in serving various clients from U.S, East Asia and Europe. Operated under legality of CV. Gemah Ripah Lohjinawi, Visitingjava HQ is located in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.  Our value is to lead everyone discover the real Indonesia with the best service.

Visitingjava was founded by Sam and assisted by Angga for the early operational in the year 2003. They are trusted by foreign tourists who came to Indonesia and handled the Java Overland Tour (J.O.T)

In a relative short-time the popularity of Visitingjava and J.O.T. arises especially in European and Russian tourism forums. Visitingjava also developed a new website and blog to support the business growth in the last 3 years.

Today, Visitingjava operates new tour route which known as Indonesia Overland Tour (I.O.T.) and Pilgrim Tour (Umra/Hajj).

Please visit our website http://visitingjava.com/ to find out more information about us.

Thanks and enjoy the blog 🙂


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