December log,

Hi readers, it’s already December and everyone loves this holiday season. As the last month in a year, December is also known as a reflection month since whatever we’ve done will be recorded completely in this month.

Talking about reflection, I’m sure everyone got their (own) ways how to get a perfect moment for (self-reflection) and welcomes the upcoming new-year eve. Some people might be hanging out for a new-year party and other people simply celebrate a new-year eve with self-reflection with their families (at home).

Well, no matter how hard (the challenge) in this year, there is always a new hope for upcoming years. It’s just like a falling leaf which will be replaced by a new one and a green leaf always got it’s time to see the light (sun).

The magic word for this month is,

“Wherever there’s a shadow there’s a light”

I hope we can end this year with goodness and start a new year ahead with positive attitude, optimism and new spirit just like the new (green) leaves. May god grant what our wishes are and gave the best path for our journey ahead.

As for traveler who wants to celebrate new-year eve next to Jakarta, Visitingjava got interesting information about Bogor, city of rain which can be reached by bus or train from the capitol of The Republic of Indonesia. This amazing city often associated with Wonosobo, which has been shared on last month. Bogor is popular as an escapism place with cooler climate, mountainous scenery, delicious dishes and nice people to meet so this place is perfect for self-reflection for anyone.

Last one, have a memorable December and please enjoy Visitingjava‘s blog.


(Editor in Chief at visitingjava.com) 


November Log,

Hi readers, how are you this month? Everyone must be very busy since this is November and some people in Indonesia might think this month is very special. Why? because one of the most admired day which is Heroes Day always celebrated on 10th November all around Indonesia. Although the young generation today got another opinion about how to celebrate and memorize the Heroes Day but I am glad that most people of Indonesia always remembered how hard their ancestors have to struggle for Indonesian freedom and independence since long time ago.

Talking about Heroes, I believe everyone of us is a hero. As a father, mother, husband, wife, children or as whatever we are today. As long as we are walking in the good path, heroes will always born for each generation and became a successor for the goodness itself. I am sure it’s pretty hard to be a hero but it’s not hard to do something good every day. Yes, such as smile to your father and mother, helping granny crossing the road, feed your cats or dogs on time and many more.

The magic word for this month is,
Heroes were born in every edge of life

For travelers, we want to share article related to Wonosobo, a small town next to Dieng Pleteau, Central Java. A fantastic place to relax and nice neighborhood to spend your vacation days. This small town has similar environment appeal with Bogor which located in West Java and that is why people loves to go to both places. Bogor is also a warm place to meet with new people and extend your vision about live in harmony. Everyday is a rainy day in Bogor is another nature attraction which simply makes this city is so special for most people who came there.

Well, have a nice November and please enjoy Visitingjava’s blog.


(Editor in Chief at visitingjava.com)


October Log,

Hi readers, how are you there? Hope everyone is always healthy and happy.  This month is very busy for people in Indonesia, especially for the moslems. Yes, one of the great celebration, Eid Al – Adha is about to come. This celebration reminds us about sacrifice for goodness.

Wow, sacrifice for goodness, sounds so naive isn’t it? Most of us surely has sacrifice something (in our life), but was it really for “goodness” that came out (from our heart) or was it just “a show-off session” for our pride? Well, no matter it was a big or small sacrifice since everything in this world has its price  and sacrifice is not about the price nor pride but it is about the prize (The best prize that we could share for others).

One thing that I do believe, someone who likes to sacrifice (especially for goodness) will obtain goodness from the others, simple and it’s just like a chain reaction of life.

No pain no gain” that is the magic word for this month.

In this month, visitingjava wants to share about special dish from East Java. This dish simply grabs most people’s attention since it has an extraordinary appearance and thankfully the taste is also awesome, the dish is called Rawon. Besides Rawon, another nice article is about Kediri, a small city in East Java which known for its local cigarette product that exported around the world.

Have a nice day and please enjoy Visitingjava’s blog.


(Editor in Chief at visitingjava.com)


September Log,

Hi readers, this is my first time to say something and nice to know you. I wish goodness and happiness always granted to all of you wherever you are. This September in Indonesia is very special, we said it SEPTEMBER CERIA. Why? You know the answer. One of the biggest events in the world, the Crown Night of Miss World 2013 will be held in Indonesia. Although some people in Indonesia disagree with this annual international event but I do give positive applause for all effort especially the government of Bali province for what they have done so far to support the Miss World 2013 event.

Just small notes for this event, I do believe that the Miss World 2013 surely gave either positive or negative effect but isn’t all things in this world always got positive and negative side?

Anyway, I am very grateful that 130 gorgeous ladies came to Bali and they gave positive comment about Indonesia. They learn many things from local people here and I hope someday they will come again to Indonesia with their families.

The magic word for this month is,

“ For All of Miss World 2013 contestants, SELAMAT DATANG DI INDONESIA”.

In the other hand, for traveler who wants to visit East Java, we got article about Surabaya and other nice information about Bandung. These are two cities in Java with thousand stories that everyone loves to know. Those cities were also involved dramatically in Indonesian Revolution History and today they grew up into big cities with many tourist attractions that should be listed on the top of your journey in Indonesia.

Well, have a nice day and please enjoy Visitingjava’s blog.


(Editor in Chief at visitingjava.com) 


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