Dieng Plateau Tour

Central Java Province in Indonesia could be an ideal place for leisure and adventure since there are many tourist attractions which give you both inspiration and relaxation. One place which called as Dieng Plateau should be on your list if you have a change to visit Central Java Province, especially for people who like to have an outdoor adventure with mid temperature.

Leaflet Dieng (done) - blog

Dieng Plateau located on high ground area which is more than 2.000 meters above the sea level and surely it is nice to have a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate once you arrived there. You will see many farms at the area and most of farmers planted potato as the main crop in their field. Besides potato, tea and tobacco, some farmers also planted tomatoes. Interesting tourist attractions which can be found in this area are Arjuna Temple, Sikidang Crater and Tuk Bimalukar. Other excitement is, if you came in the right time you can see a rare festival which called as “Rambut Gimbal Ceremony” This is a festival to honor the god and goddess that protected Dieng Plateau and almost all people who lives in this area came to the festival.

Stay at the Guesthouse is the best option for you to blend with local people and listen to the ancient stories of this area. To explore the Dieng Plateau you can use bicycle or take a long walk to enjoy amazing scenery from early morning to late night. If your stomach cried loud and need to be filled up just drop by at the local food stalls. There are many dishes you can choose but there is only one dish which is the true signature of Dieng Plateau and it is called Mie Ongklok (Ongklok Noodle).

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