Jogjakarta (Citytour)

Explore the heart of humanity in Java Island and find various tourist attractions along with local friendship, unique culture and ancient buildings which will gives you another insight about the way of life in land of Java through Citytour Jogjakarta. Tolerance is the key for this city to survive and grows until today and the charismatic sultan plays major role to keep local wisdom live among people of Jogjakarta.

Mountains, Beaches, Rivers and Caves are ready to be explored if you have guts to join the Citytour Jogjakarta. Night and Day in this culture city offers different experience and you will notice that Jogjakarta has many things to be enjoyed for 24 hours.  Interested in art? This is the perfect place to find various artworks such as painting, batik, silver jewelries, wooden handicraft and pottery. Lots of high quality products displayed every day at local art-shop showroom.

Don’t be worried about the local food, it is guaranteed that you can find many choices once you arrived at Jogjakarta. Need something as a gift for close friends and families before the Citytour Jogjakarta ends? Just head to the market area and you will know why Jogjakarta is perfect for anyone who seeks for pleasure and wisdom at the same time.

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